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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

17-18 Months

32 inches tall (50-75%) and 23.7 lbs (25-50%)
48.5 cm head circumference (90-95%)

-4/2/2011  No more night time bottles!!!  Daddy was reluctant to let this one go, but after about 3 minutes of crying you were SOOO over it!!  You sleep through the night from about 8-9pm to 7-730am.
-Bath times are still fun and you play a lot more.  You still like to drink the bath water and it still grosses me out.  But now your like to "wash" your hair and body.
(Playing in Daddy's shorts after bath time.) 

-You wake up happy and ready to rule the world in the morning.  Breakfast is pretty easy, it's either cereal, yogurt, or toast w/ a glass of milk and fruit if we have it.  You don't like the sweet cereals for breakfast, so we are a Cheerio, Rice Krispy, Raisin Bran type of house most of the time.  Ethan is only allowed to have sweet cereals on the weekends and you usually steal some of his dried cereal and munch on it.
-Lunches are another easy one....lunch meat and cheese, pasta, or sandwiches, but you still open them up and eat all of the goodies out.  But you are getting better about eating them whole.
-Dinners are whatever we eat.  Your favorites are rice, meat, noodles, fruit, and veggies.  You've started eating salads lately too, but not if I give you your own.  You like to munch on other peoples.
(Popsicle for desert!)

-You've started singing lately and it's the cutest thing.  But every time I get out my camera to record you, you stop.  Dancing is another fun thing you've really gotten into lately.  So now I've just got to figure out a way to secretly record you.

-You are a very sensitive, silly, independent little girl.  If your in a mood then it takes you a decent amount of time and loves to get out of it.  And right now you are love doing things all by yourself.  We bought a puppy backpack w/ a leash and you love it.  You don't like to be held much in public anymore because you want to explore and "help".
(Being silly in Daddy's riding goggles.)
 (Helping Mommy on the computer.)
-You still have your shy moments and when people come up to you family or not you bury your head in our shoulder or lap to hide until  you are ready to socialize.
 (Snuggled up and hiding in our bed.)
-We went shopping w/ Grandma Lani over the weekend and you got to "help" her shop by trying on the jewelry, hats, and purses.  And then you got seriously mad when we wouldn't let you put on everything when it was your turn for clothes.

-I've been able to paint your toenails now and I get a "Woo-Hoo", when they are done and we've blown them off.

-You are talking a little better now, but still say stuff that we mostly understand.  "Hi" is still one of your favorites and you Hi everyone if your in the right mood.  You know all of the body parts on your head and we are working on the others.  Belly, feet and hands you are ok with but need a little help on hands and feet.
-At your 18 month check up you only had to get one shot and didn't cry!  I was a proud Mama.  You just gave the nurse a dirty look and that was that.  We went and had breakfast w/ Ethan then took him to school.
-We've gone out a few times w/ my new camera and played.  I'm trying to get as many shots now so when I have time to learn how to edit them I'll have a good stock.  So we have some at the park, baseballl games, and outdoors.

Until next time baby girl!  We love you......

Thursday, March 24, 2011

15-16 Months

Height: 2 ft and 8 in tall
Weight: 24 lbs 5 oz
Head:  48.26 cm

-You do or undo everything behind me.  If' I'm taking clothes out of the dryer you are putting them back in.  If we load the dishwasher you put your cups in there too.  Now I've gotten you to help me load the dryer, but you still take stuff out of the dishwasher so we are always on the hunt for dishes.

-You brush your hair and teeth like we do, and started walking around w/ my bottles of hairspray and bonking yourself in the head with it.  We've had to trash a few toothbrushes because they end up in the toilet.
-You like to dip your head in the bath tub to get your hair wet and then  you try and eat it.  You've also learned how to take the cup and pour water over your head.
 -If we leave the bathroom door open you will run in there and rip tiny pieces of TP and put them in the potty and try and flush it.
-We bought  you a potty seat and stool this past week b/c when I'm on the potty you back up to me so I will pick you up and sit you on my lap.  So far you haven't done anything on the seat yet, but you'll get the hang of it.
-Last night we tried before and after bath time and you just weren't going to go, and then decided to pee on my office chair.  Guess that was more your style....
-Today you were playing in there and shut the door behind me and tried to reach your potty seat and then ran over to your stool.  So at least you know where it goes.  Now it's just how to use it.
-You still laugh when you fart!  But you don't make noises when other people do it anymore.  You do make copy-cat noises when others burp, cough, or sneeze.  And you pant like a dog when ours do too.
-I absolutely love how you just do things that seem so serious but end up being funny or silly.  You are doing things for the reactions now, needless to say Ethan gets the brunt of your abuse because he can't help but giggle when you bite, hit or pull his hair.
-You are still our share baby.  Anywhere we go you try and share whatever you have with someone.  You still feed the dogs your food and they still get in trouble for hovering around you while eating.
-Keys are your favorite toy right now.  You will play with them forever.  But they have to be real keys and not your keys, you loose interest in those too fast.
 -You've also discovered how much fun baby powder is to play with. 

-You understand a lot more than you can say at this point, and you are trying to figure out everything you can get your hands on.
-Trying to put on Daddy's shoes...
-Carrying anyone's purse that you can get.  As long as it's not yours it's good to play with.

*Words you understand: upstairs, downstairs, bath, cup, eat, be nice, yucky, don't touch, ouch, hot, no, give it to me, all done, shoo-wee, and others that I can't think of right now.
*Words you can say so we understand: Mama, Dada, Ethan, brother, more, up, ouch, all done, Ahh with your mouth open is a drink of what ever we have. (These are all up to whether you want to say them or not.)
*Body parts you know: Nose, you either stick your finger up it or pinch it.  Belly, you tickle you belly with both hands.  We are working on eyes, hands, mouth, hair, and ears.

Gabrielle and Daddy...he has to work for his kisses now by making her laugh!  And we didn't show the exchange of gross noises because it's so much more fun to imagine them.  It seems the grosser the noise the funnier you think it is.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

13-14 Months


I've decided to try every other month and see how that goes.  

You are growing so fast and learning so much.  It truly amazes us. 
Our sweet little angel full of sass.
And such a happy girl, you make us giggle when you laugh!

-You now have four teeth (two on top and two on bottom).
-You run and squeal with excitement when Daddy comes home from work.
-You play "ouch" and "peak a boo". 
   *We are working on you being nice instead of the ouch game.  Which is you either smacking one of us or yourself and saying ouch!  It was kinda funny the first few times but now it's gotten old.  And it really hurts when you try and ouch us with your head. 
-You mimic EVERYTHING we do. You don't want 'your' toys, you want what we use.  My house is still a constant mess and I don't think it will ever be clean again.

-You've gone #2 on the potty twice and I thought that was really cool.  It was after bath or mid bath and you didn't freak out but just sat there and did your business and when you were done, you wanted to go play.  Simple!
-Now your starting to figure out how things work and want to use them.  We've had to barricade the water cooler until I can install the childproof faucets and that doesn't even really help cause then you'll go fill up your cup in the dogs water....grosss!!  But most recently you've figured out the water dispenser on the fridge.  In a few months when you are taller we'll be in serious trouble.


Friday, December 10, 2010

12 Months and then some!

30 in tall, 23.4 lbs, and 48cm head

Happy Birthday baby girl!

This month has been so full of so many things that it's taken me a while to write this.

You have 3.5 teeth
Still like to drink your bath water
Let me do you hair
Pester your brother at any given chance
You grab Dina's tail and chase her around and giggle while doing it
You are working on being a better communicator
Meal time is still fairly easy and you eat most things
Bottles are for night time only now
You run from us now when you grab stuff you not suppose to have
My house is destroyed by the end of the day
Naps are down to one per day
You still cry when people leave
Bouncy Bouncy is a favorite thing right now
You gave kisses for a while and have now stopped but you now give hugs
You are still a great share baby and share everything
"Ow" is your favorite word right now
You have the silliest most demented laugh that makes everyone else laugh

We had to take you for an MRI for your too big head and everything came back normal

**I will work on video uploads later.  I have them for Ethan's football and more from Gabrielle's birthday.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gabrielle 11 Months

 Before we get started...Happy Halloween!!  This was your first...

 Your so close to walking and getting braver by the day.  You've started taking multiple steps at a time before falling down.  As of 11.5.10 you are now walking more than crawling.  You can make it from the living room into the kitchen.  You still have the wobbly walk and I love it.  It's so adorable to see you hands up and you teeter back and forth. ** Update as of 11/8/2010 you are now walking more than crawling and prefer to walk.**

Bath time is still one of your favorites; you like to eat the bubbles in the bath tub and to stick your face in the tub and drink your bath water.  It's all fun and games until you suck water up your nose and you start sneezing.  But it is pretty cute when you come up with a face full of bubbles and start laughing.

You are into EVERYTHING!  My kitchen is a disaster by the time you are done.  Every cabinet, closet, and the refrigerator are cleaned out and the books on our shelf are scattered on the floor.

So far you have your two bottom teeth and that is all for now.  You have your own toothbrush and toothpaste and try to copycat me and brush your teeth.  I try and brush them and your mouth closes up and you poke out your lips so there is no getting in there.

Temper...Temper..Boy have you got a temper!  You throw yourself back, yell, pinch, smack, and grunt when you don't like something.  It's not so fun when we are holding you or are the one who made you mad because who ever is closest is going to get your wrath.  Depending on what it is and your mood at the moment depends on how fast you get over it.  If your super mad, tired, or got hurt then it goes on for a bit.  If no one sees it and its just a little oops then you'll move on with out a peep.

There is only one month left (Ok, 5 days) and then your first year with us is over.  We move on to the second.  You have brought so much joy into our hearts and I can't wait to see what comes next.  We love you...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ethan Bradley 10.5 years old

For your last check up you were 5'1/2" tall and 105 lbs.  You are still in the 95th+ percentile in all areas.  When you stand next to me the top of your head reaches my eyebrows.  We wear the same size shoe right now which is pretty funny when you goof off and try and wear my heals...(Don't worry, I won't tell anyone!  Haha...oops!)

You hate when I use your middle name and get so embarrassed.  But that is why you were given one, so you know when you are pushing your luck.
You are in a phase of trying to make everyone laugh but don't always pick the right time to do it.  About half the time you end up in trouble for saying something or doing something at the wrong in class or when your suppose to be doing chores.  But when you do pick the right time we all end up laughing.  You are my silly little/big man.
You still love to snuggle up on my lap, or your head at least when we get a few minutes to watch a show.  You still ask for hugs when your insecure or scared.  By the way, you still get scared but really try to hide it.  You told me the other day that boys don't get scared.....boys are always the ones in the movies going after the monster/evil-dooer to save the scared girls...ahhh...too funny!  You watched The Wolfman with us and a few days later there was a full moon.  You ended up with a flashlight in your room and howling at the moon on the way home from football practice for a week to overcome your fear.  Silly boy!!  Now you want to go to your first haunted house.  You don't know this yet but your Dad is taking you this week and I can't wait to see how you do.  I was hesitant to let you go but you insisted that you were "Man" enough to go.  And just knew that I would hold the whole Wolf-man thing against you..."Mom, I'm 10 years old...I can handle it!"  Ok, we'll see then won't we....

I know you don't get much time on this blog so I thought I'd write something special just for you.
Love you buddy and until next time!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gabrielle 10 months and counting

As usual I'm a bit late on your post; but not to late, you're technically still 10 months.

Oh my how you are growing and coming into your own little person.  With in the past month you've gotten your two bottom teeth and I think are working on the upper ones.  You're a climber, a runner, a yeller, a talker, a fit thrower, a copycat, and most of all.... a sweet snugly little girl with all of the squish to go with it. 

Your almost walking and standing for longer periods unassisted.  You are still very sensitive and have tantrums over little things that hurt your feelings.
If you can hike your knee over it you are going over.  Now that your getting taller the list of things you can climb is getting longer. 
In your walker you run after anything that moves.  I've started taking it to the football field so you could play instead of being held.  You LOVE it!!  It enables you to do your own thing and talk to people, which is tooo cute!!!!

Ok, well kind of running...I didn't get the camera going fast enough.  And trying to record you and your brother isn't as easy as it sounds.

You copy cat anything you can figure out.  Burping, coughing, laughing, panting (the dogs), chewing, clicking your tongue, clapping your hands.  You've figured out how to open the cabinets, the toilet lid, and dresser drawers with minimal finger pinching.
And of course you clean them all out.  When you know your doing something your not suppose to you hand everything to everything in my purse!  When we take things from you, you have a huge fit and cry like you've been pinched. 

Love you munchkin...until next month!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Jamboree...WEEEEEEE

Ethan's football Jamboree!!! They played six different teams and kicked butt!  I don't remember what the scores were but my baby did awesome! As fun as it was to watch him I was so done by the time it was over, it was 100 degrees and little to no wind. 

This coming Saturday will be his first official game.  I believe it is at 10:45 on the Sierra Vista field.  I will send out the info to who ever wants to go.  We should get schedules this week to confirm everything. I've also found that DYFLS has a listing of all of the teams in the league, the standings, and the schedules. Ethan is on the Sierra Vista Lions Collegiate team.  GO LIONS!!!

#62 with the Black Helmet!