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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

13-14 Months


I've decided to try every other month and see how that goes.  

You are growing so fast and learning so much.  It truly amazes us. 
Our sweet little angel full of sass.
And such a happy girl, you make us giggle when you laugh!

-You now have four teeth (two on top and two on bottom).
-You run and squeal with excitement when Daddy comes home from work.
-You play "ouch" and "peak a boo". 
   *We are working on you being nice instead of the ouch game.  Which is you either smacking one of us or yourself and saying ouch!  It was kinda funny the first few times but now it's gotten old.  And it really hurts when you try and ouch us with your head. 
-You mimic EVERYTHING we do. You don't want 'your' toys, you want what we use.  My house is still a constant mess and I don't think it will ever be clean again.

-You've gone #2 on the potty twice and I thought that was really cool.  It was after bath or mid bath and you didn't freak out but just sat there and did your business and when you were done, you wanted to go play.  Simple!
-Now your starting to figure out how things work and want to use them.  We've had to barricade the water cooler until I can install the childproof faucets and that doesn't even really help cause then you'll go fill up your cup in the dogs water....grosss!!  But most recently you've figured out the water dispenser on the fridge.  In a few months when you are taller we'll be in serious trouble.


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