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Thursday, March 24, 2011

15-16 Months

Height: 2 ft and 8 in tall
Weight: 24 lbs 5 oz
Head:  48.26 cm

-You do or undo everything behind me.  If' I'm taking clothes out of the dryer you are putting them back in.  If we load the dishwasher you put your cups in there too.  Now I've gotten you to help me load the dryer, but you still take stuff out of the dishwasher so we are always on the hunt for dishes.

-You brush your hair and teeth like we do, and started walking around w/ my bottles of hairspray and bonking yourself in the head with it.  We've had to trash a few toothbrushes because they end up in the toilet.
-You like to dip your head in the bath tub to get your hair wet and then  you try and eat it.  You've also learned how to take the cup and pour water over your head.
 -If we leave the bathroom door open you will run in there and rip tiny pieces of TP and put them in the potty and try and flush it.
-We bought  you a potty seat and stool this past week b/c when I'm on the potty you back up to me so I will pick you up and sit you on my lap.  So far you haven't done anything on the seat yet, but you'll get the hang of it.
-Last night we tried before and after bath time and you just weren't going to go, and then decided to pee on my office chair.  Guess that was more your style....
-Today you were playing in there and shut the door behind me and tried to reach your potty seat and then ran over to your stool.  So at least you know where it goes.  Now it's just how to use it.
-You still laugh when you fart!  But you don't make noises when other people do it anymore.  You do make copy-cat noises when others burp, cough, or sneeze.  And you pant like a dog when ours do too.
-I absolutely love how you just do things that seem so serious but end up being funny or silly.  You are doing things for the reactions now, needless to say Ethan gets the brunt of your abuse because he can't help but giggle when you bite, hit or pull his hair.
-You are still our share baby.  Anywhere we go you try and share whatever you have with someone.  You still feed the dogs your food and they still get in trouble for hovering around you while eating.
-Keys are your favorite toy right now.  You will play with them forever.  But they have to be real keys and not your keys, you loose interest in those too fast.
 -You've also discovered how much fun baby powder is to play with. 

-You understand a lot more than you can say at this point, and you are trying to figure out everything you can get your hands on.
-Trying to put on Daddy's shoes...
-Carrying anyone's purse that you can get.  As long as it's not yours it's good to play with.

*Words you understand: upstairs, downstairs, bath, cup, eat, be nice, yucky, don't touch, ouch, hot, no, give it to me, all done, shoo-wee, and others that I can't think of right now.
*Words you can say so we understand: Mama, Dada, Ethan, brother, more, up, ouch, all done, Ahh with your mouth open is a drink of what ever we have. (These are all up to whether you want to say them or not.)
*Body parts you know: Nose, you either stick your finger up it or pinch it.  Belly, you tickle you belly with both hands.  We are working on eyes, hands, mouth, hair, and ears.

Gabrielle and Daddy...he has to work for his kisses now by making her laugh!  And we didn't show the exchange of gross noises because it's so much more fun to imagine them.  It seems the grosser the noise the funnier you think it is.

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