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Friday, December 10, 2010

12 Months and then some!

30 in tall, 23.4 lbs, and 48cm head

Happy Birthday baby girl!

This month has been so full of so many things that it's taken me a while to write this.

You have 3.5 teeth
Still like to drink your bath water
Let me do you hair
Pester your brother at any given chance
You grab Dina's tail and chase her around and giggle while doing it
You are working on being a better communicator
Meal time is still fairly easy and you eat most things
Bottles are for night time only now
You run from us now when you grab stuff you not suppose to have
My house is destroyed by the end of the day
Naps are down to one per day
You still cry when people leave
Bouncy Bouncy is a favorite thing right now
You gave kisses for a while and have now stopped but you now give hugs
You are still a great share baby and share everything
"Ow" is your favorite word right now
You have the silliest most demented laugh that makes everyone else laugh

We had to take you for an MRI for your too big head and everything came back normal

**I will work on video uploads later.  I have them for Ethan's football and more from Gabrielle's birthday.

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