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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

17-18 Months

32 inches tall (50-75%) and 23.7 lbs (25-50%)
48.5 cm head circumference (90-95%)

-4/2/2011  No more night time bottles!!!  Daddy was reluctant to let this one go, but after about 3 minutes of crying you were SOOO over it!!  You sleep through the night from about 8-9pm to 7-730am.
-Bath times are still fun and you play a lot more.  You still like to drink the bath water and it still grosses me out.  But now your like to "wash" your hair and body.
(Playing in Daddy's shorts after bath time.) 

-You wake up happy and ready to rule the world in the morning.  Breakfast is pretty easy, it's either cereal, yogurt, or toast w/ a glass of milk and fruit if we have it.  You don't like the sweet cereals for breakfast, so we are a Cheerio, Rice Krispy, Raisin Bran type of house most of the time.  Ethan is only allowed to have sweet cereals on the weekends and you usually steal some of his dried cereal and munch on it.
-Lunches are another easy one....lunch meat and cheese, pasta, or sandwiches, but you still open them up and eat all of the goodies out.  But you are getting better about eating them whole.
-Dinners are whatever we eat.  Your favorites are rice, meat, noodles, fruit, and veggies.  You've started eating salads lately too, but not if I give you your own.  You like to munch on other peoples.
(Popsicle for desert!)

-You've started singing lately and it's the cutest thing.  But every time I get out my camera to record you, you stop.  Dancing is another fun thing you've really gotten into lately.  So now I've just got to figure out a way to secretly record you.

-You are a very sensitive, silly, independent little girl.  If your in a mood then it takes you a decent amount of time and loves to get out of it.  And right now you are love doing things all by yourself.  We bought a puppy backpack w/ a leash and you love it.  You don't like to be held much in public anymore because you want to explore and "help".
(Being silly in Daddy's riding goggles.)
 (Helping Mommy on the computer.)
-You still have your shy moments and when people come up to you family or not you bury your head in our shoulder or lap to hide until  you are ready to socialize.
 (Snuggled up and hiding in our bed.)
-We went shopping w/ Grandma Lani over the weekend and you got to "help" her shop by trying on the jewelry, hats, and purses.  And then you got seriously mad when we wouldn't let you put on everything when it was your turn for clothes.

-I've been able to paint your toenails now and I get a "Woo-Hoo", when they are done and we've blown them off.

-You are talking a little better now, but still say stuff that we mostly understand.  "Hi" is still one of your favorites and you Hi everyone if your in the right mood.  You know all of the body parts on your head and we are working on the others.  Belly, feet and hands you are ok with but need a little help on hands and feet.
-At your 18 month check up you only had to get one shot and didn't cry!  I was a proud Mama.  You just gave the nurse a dirty look and that was that.  We went and had breakfast w/ Ethan then took him to school.
-We've gone out a few times w/ my new camera and played.  I'm trying to get as many shots now so when I have time to learn how to edit them I'll have a good stock.  So we have some at the park, baseballl games, and outdoors.

Until next time baby girl!  We love you......

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