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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Jamboree...WEEEEEEE

Ethan's football Jamboree!!! They played six different teams and kicked butt!  I don't remember what the scores were but my baby did awesome! As fun as it was to watch him I was so done by the time it was over, it was 100 degrees and little to no wind. 

This coming Saturday will be his first official game.  I believe it is at 10:45 on the Sierra Vista field.  I will send out the info to who ever wants to go.  We should get schedules this week to confirm everything. I've also found that DYFLS has a listing of all of the teams in the league, the standings, and the schedules. Ethan is on the Sierra Vista Lions Collegiate team.  GO LIONS!!!

#62 with the Black Helmet!

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