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Monday, October 4, 2010

Gabrielle 10 months and counting

As usual I'm a bit late on your post; but not to late, you're technically still 10 months.

Oh my how you are growing and coming into your own little person.  With in the past month you've gotten your two bottom teeth and I think are working on the upper ones.  You're a climber, a runner, a yeller, a talker, a fit thrower, a copycat, and most of all.... a sweet snugly little girl with all of the squish to go with it. 

Your almost walking and standing for longer periods unassisted.  You are still very sensitive and have tantrums over little things that hurt your feelings.
If you can hike your knee over it you are going over.  Now that your getting taller the list of things you can climb is getting longer. 
In your walker you run after anything that moves.  I've started taking it to the football field so you could play instead of being held.  You LOVE it!!  It enables you to do your own thing and talk to people, which is tooo cute!!!!

Ok, well kind of running...I didn't get the camera going fast enough.  And trying to record you and your brother isn't as easy as it sounds.

You copy cat anything you can figure out.  Burping, coughing, laughing, panting (the dogs), chewing, clicking your tongue, clapping your hands.  You've figured out how to open the cabinets, the toilet lid, and dresser drawers with minimal finger pinching.
And of course you clean them all out.  When you know your doing something your not suppose to you hand everything to everything in my purse!  When we take things from you, you have a huge fit and cry like you've been pinched. 

Love you munchkin...until next month!!!

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