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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ethan Bradley 10.5 years old

For your last check up you were 5'1/2" tall and 105 lbs.  You are still in the 95th+ percentile in all areas.  When you stand next to me the top of your head reaches my eyebrows.  We wear the same size shoe right now which is pretty funny when you goof off and try and wear my heals...(Don't worry, I won't tell anyone!  Haha...oops!)

You hate when I use your middle name and get so embarrassed.  But that is why you were given one, so you know when you are pushing your luck.
You are in a phase of trying to make everyone laugh but don't always pick the right time to do it.  About half the time you end up in trouble for saying something or doing something at the wrong in class or when your suppose to be doing chores.  But when you do pick the right time we all end up laughing.  You are my silly little/big man.
You still love to snuggle up on my lap, or your head at least when we get a few minutes to watch a show.  You still ask for hugs when your insecure or scared.  By the way, you still get scared but really try to hide it.  You told me the other day that boys don't get scared.....boys are always the ones in the movies going after the monster/evil-dooer to save the scared girls...ahhh...too funny!  You watched The Wolfman with us and a few days later there was a full moon.  You ended up with a flashlight in your room and howling at the moon on the way home from football practice for a week to overcome your fear.  Silly boy!!  Now you want to go to your first haunted house.  You don't know this yet but your Dad is taking you this week and I can't wait to see how you do.  I was hesitant to let you go but you insisted that you were "Man" enough to go.  And just knew that I would hold the whole Wolf-man thing against you..."Mom, I'm 10 years old...I can handle it!"  Ok, we'll see then won't we....

I know you don't get much time on this blog so I thought I'd write something special just for you.
Love you buddy and until next time!

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